Welcome to Penang International Football School

PIFS has been established in Penang in 2015 with the aim to provide a fun, healthy and exciting environment for boys and girls through accessible, progressive and structured football training sessions.

Our school caters for all players aged 4 –15 years old and we believe that every child or adult should be able to participate in the program of his or her choice, regardless of race, religion, creed, gender, ability, or financial status. We are proud to have children from all over the world mixing with local Malaysian players which make our school a unique place for a perfect cultrural exchange. This spirit is fostered in an environment where everyone has a chance to play and learn regardless of skills.

Our long-term goal is to give our Penang kids a positive experience of football through fun and engaging exercises given by passionate Coaches that focus in:

Encouraging an
active lifestyle

team skills and teamwork​

communication and social skills​

fundamental movement skills​

Our Coaches

My name is Mourad and I founded PIFS back in 2015 when I realized there was a need for our Penang boys and girls to have a place where they could learn and enjoy the game of football. I have been playing football since my young age first in my country in France and then in Italy and Switzerland in amateur teams. Football is my passion and my aim with this school is to give back, contribute to our community and share what I have been taught not only as a Grassroots coach but also in life in general. I would like to express warm greetings and a hearty welcome to you on joining us as a PIFS member. As your child embarks on a very exciting program filled with new opportunities on education and life skills through football, it gives PIFS team a great pleasure to take part of your child development.

I'm Stephanie from Germany. I started to fell in love with football when I was seven years old but never made it into a team where I feel comfy as a girl until I was 16 and able to play for the lady's team. I coached and guided our schools team to the state championship, I played in the highest league of our state until I was 27 as a defender. I've learned the main thing about how much you can win if you play in a team. Beside my own career, I used to coach girls in the age from 5-13 and after I had some injuries I decided with age 27 to make my coaching licence c for adults to coach our lady's team quite successful. In my coaching lessons I'm giving skills and knowledge to understand the meaning of being in a team and the importance to grow your personal skills.

My name is Derek and I’ve been playing football for over 35 years. I have always been interested in self-improvement from a young age – I was reading books about passing technique at ten years old! Throughout my life, my football ability and leadership qualities have been recognized and I was made captain of several teams throughout my schooling and university days in Blackburn and Sheffield respectively. In Penang, I helped to revive the KDU College football team while working there as a lecturer, leading a mixture of local and international students to back to back Inter-College Games titles (2007, 2008). When I worked at The British Council as a teacher, I undertook two of their Premier League Skills courses in community coaching (2012) and refereeing (2011). In my coaching sessions, I allow players to have as much time on the ball as possible while practicing new skills. It is also important for young players to have fun - and learn the importance of sportsmanship!

Hi, I'm Shaun, originally from the UK but lived in Penang for over 12 years. I started my footballing career as early as 5 years old and have played ever since. I am a founder member of the infamous FBFC (Fat Boys FC) who play 7 a side tournaments in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam and I also play for PISS (Penang International Soccer Squad) on a Sunday at our 'field of dreams'. I have been coaching primary and secondary students at Uplands International School on a Wednesday afternoon and look forward to passing on more of my experience to the players at PIFS.

My name is Ayush and I'm 25 this year, currently working at Dell as a sales associate. In terms of my footballing experience, I fell in love with this sport back when I was 11 (wished I did a lot sooner), captained a couple of teams during my schooling years, trained with CRC, a Penang club, where I often had the opportunity to be an assistant coach during my free time for the under 12 kids which was something I really enjoyed doing and I'm glad that I can continue to do so now at PIFS so thank you very much for this opportunity and I can't wait to be a part of this great academy.

My name is Jean-Michel and I’m 60 year old French man, living in Penang for the last 18 months. I am passionated by Football since my young aged, was qualified to play at the regional level in France. So I played football for 30 years and trained children & teenagers during 15 years in France as well as a hobby. I would like to share my passion and my values like concept of team, we lose or we win together, always respect teammates, other players and the referee. Be serious and committed to training but above all take pleasure in playing and ENJOY! I am very happy & honoured to integrate PIFS!

My name is Jashan. I'm also known as Coach Jay among the players. I'm 30 years old. I'm a teacher by profession. Meanwhile, football is purely my passion and love. I represented the state in during high school days and lead my university team to many national level tournaments throughout my playing days. Competitively playing football in local leagues and invitational tournaments right now. My coaching focuses on basics techniques of the game, ball mastery, possession football techniques, effective communication in football and laws of the game. Sharing my knowledge at grassroot level is a pleasure and I feel gifted to do it.
Lets enjoy the Beautiful Game! ⚽

My name is Khaled and I'm from Syria. I studied mechanics at Damascus college for 2 years and worked in Dubai for another 2 years. I left my country when the conflict started back in 2011, I live in Penang since then where I launched the restaurant brand “Mr Shawerma”. Football is my passion, I played for Al Wahda SC, a premier league club in Syria and I was part of the national U17 team before living the country. I am very excited to join PIFS and look forward to sharing my experience with all our players and their parents!

Hello. My name is Olivier and I am originally from Mauritius. I have beem working in Penang since 2015. I have developed the passion for football through my sons (6 years old and 10 years old). They joined PIFS in 2018 in order to develop their football skills and I later joined as assistant coach. This gives me the opportunity to spend quality time with my sons and at the same time bring my contribution and passion to the big family that is PIFS. We look forward to every Saturday morning for this exciting moment where we can train and have fun together!!

My name is Jun, joined PIFS as assistant coach since 2018. I am from Penang and represented my college to participate in various football competition during my college years. I started playing football since I was 12 and fell in love with this sport. I am always passionate to help all the PIFS coaches to ensure every session runs smoothly and in the same time creates an excellent environment for the kids to play football.

Hello, my name is Lucas and I am an assistant coach at PIFS. I started following football since I was 10 and I have never looked back ever since. I appreciate and love how football is more than just a game but also an activity that teaches some of the most fundamental lessons of life. Just looking at children growing and enjoying this sport is enough to make me look forward to every week at PIFS and as assistant coach I strive to do my best in achieving it.

Hi, I am Romane, a 17 year old french girl that has lived in Penang for the last 9 years. I am currently studying at the international school of Penang (Uplands) which has given me the opportunity to attend many football competitions with my team all over Asia. I have always been passionate about football and look forward to playing competitively in the many years to come. I have so much fun being an assistant coach at PIFS and I always look forward to see everyone weekly.

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Our Fee Structure

RM 200

Includes uniform

RM 400

10 sessions token
3 month validity